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About KidSmart

Enrichment, Afterschool

After school care is not just about homework.

It is about supporting the child to flourish & excel in everything they do at school.

Our SchoolExcel® program simply raises the bar - to meet & exceed every parent’s expectations.


SchoolExcel® includes:

  • IXL® based Math & English Common Core curriculum

  • Homework help

  • Practical Science & Science Fair assistance

  • Art for the Mind including help for National PTA Reflections

  • Support for Competitions such as Math Olympiad, 
    Mathcounts, Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, WordMasters.

  • Opportunity to learn even more at ArtSmart camps - Robotics, LeapAhead Academics, Drama, Sports, Crafts & more


How do we achieve all this?

  • 9+ years of experience (ArtSmart)

  • School director is an award winning artist and camp director

  • Track record of coaching high achiever & competition toppers

  • Access to 5,000+ sq. ft of space

  • Enrichment Classes

About ArtSmart

Camps, Classes

It’s that time of the year again, when everyone’s kids are out of school and looking for ways to fill their day. Enrich their summer vacation with ArtSmart Summer Camps!

Our award winning Bay Area summer camp specializes in diverse arts and technology sessions.

  • Enjoy LEGOs? Want to create and bring to life a robot? Join our insanely popular LEGO Robotics program!

  • Already finished all of our LEGO robotics kits? Come back to experience the all new WeDo 2.0 robots, which use LEGO’s all new Bluetooth and Core Set.

  • Act out your fantasies in a Drama program led by Peninsula Theater teacher Cathy Foxhoven!

  • Create an attractive website for junior web designers in Website Creation!

  • Create riveting games and funny animations all while developing programming skills in Animation!

  • Learn the secrets to taking good photos with the basics of composition, lighting, and exposure in Digital Photography!

In addition to these activities learn and develop your art skills in painting and drawing in mediums from paints to pencils to pastels, for all levels of expertise.

Here's to an enriching summer!



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