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Leap Ahead Academics : Math and English Enrichment Classes


Math and English Excellence -

We specialize in Math & English Programs for Kids K-8 in the San Francisco Peninsula Area. Our mission is to help your child develop foundation building and problem solving skills to excel in Math. We will also help your child advance in English by teaching them the core principles of comprehension and effective writing skills to help them become master communicators.


Path To Academic Success -

We work with each child to help them excel academically and personally to achieve success. We closely monitor the core strengths and challenges of your child to help give them the best guidance and curriculum that will truly make them stretch beyond their comfort zone and achieve more than they believed was possible. Place your child on the path to unlimited success and achievement today!


Focus. Confidence. Self Esteem -

We not only focus on academics and helping your child achieve more in the classroom, but we also focus on your child's personal development as well. Our program was designed to help your child build focus, confidence, and self-esteem through our various tournaments, challenges, and curriculum we provide throughout the program.


See AMAZING Results In Weeks -

We work with each child individually to determine their current skill level and provide the appropriate training and guidance so they can progress in an accelerated manner and achieve higher than ever before. Kids that attend our program are at least one grade level higher than other children in school. You will start seeing improved grades and incredible results within weeks!


Affordable, Convenient and Highly Effective -

We have designed our program with you in mind. Our program is highly effective, but also very affordable and has convenient locations and time schedules so every family can take advantage of this unique opportunity. 

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